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Stationary Decoders

DS64 The DS64 Stationary Decoder allows you to install and operate your turnouts directly through any DCC system that has turnout control. The DS64 hasn’t met a turnout it doesn’t like. 

Basic Quad Stationary Decoder for Slow Motion Turnout Machines

DS51K1 Stationary Decoder for Single Kato Unitrack Turnouts

DS61K1 "Snap on" Stationary Decoder for Kato HO Scale Unitrack Turnouts

DS52 Dual Stationary Decoder for Bi-polar, Snap Switches or Slow Motion Machines

SE8C Plug and Play Signal Decoder

DM1 DC Motor Adapter For Use with DS54

RX4 4 Zone Transponder Receiver

DS64 Quad Stationary Decoder  Return To Top

Now Shipping!

The DS64 Stationary Decoder allows you to install and operate your turnouts directly through any DCC system that has turnout control. From Solenoid turnout machines to slow motion motors, this affordable, easy to install decoder will add another dimension to your operations.

  • Easy to install and operate.

  • Operates four turnouts.

    • Slow Motion Machines.

    • Solenoid Machines

  • Switch inputs for turnout control

  • LocoNet Control

  • Integral capacitor discharge.

  • Operates from track power or a separate booster.

  • Buffered switch inputs.

  • DCC compatible.

  • Size 120mm x 87.5mm x 35mm
    (4.72" x 2.65" x 1.4")

$59.99 msrp

Click here to download PDF Version 2.0 of the DS64 User's Manual. [New]

View DS64 Application notes

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DS44 Basic Quad Stationary Decoder  Return To Top

     DS44 Static Decoder

  • No frills stationary decoder.

  • Simple installation and set up.

  • Control 4 slow motion turnout machines from your DCC throttle.

  • Quick set up for sequential addresses (like the DS54)

  • Independent address set up also available (you can choose any stationary address for each turnout machine)

$39.99 msrp

Click here to view DS44 Instructions

DS51K1 Stationary Decoder  Return To Top

DS51K1 Stationary Decoder For Single Kato Unitrack Turnouts

  • Easy to use

  • Cost effective control for a single Kato Unitrack turnout or other similar device

  • Rated at ½ amp. Great for HO & N Scale

  • Small size .319” x .509” x .152” (8.11mm x 12.94mm x 3.88mm)



$14.99 msrp

Click here to view DS51K1 Instructions

DS61K1 Stationary Decoder  Return To Top

Convert Kato Manual Turnouts to Powered
DCC Control! DS61K1L and R Stationary Decoder For Kato Unitrack Turnouts.

  • Easy to use

  • Cost effective control for a Kato* Unitrack turnouts

  • HO Scale

  • Easy 'bolt on' retrofit for Kato manual turnouts listed below

DS61K1L Left Hand DCC Turnout Machine for Kato HO Unitrack $32.50 msrp

DS61K1R Right Hand DCC Turnout Machine for Kato HO Unitrack $32.50 msrp

These DCC Turnout machines convert Kato manual turnouts 2-840, 2-841, 2-862 and 2-863 to DCC powered turnouts (turnouts sold separately).

Digitrax manufactures the stationary decoder that is inside this Kato stationary decoder.  Digitrax does not sell these decoders.  They are sold as Kato part numbers P/N 29098 (left) and Kato P/N 29099 (right).

Customers who would like to order the decoders can find them on the web via their Kato part number. Alternatively, they can be ordered from the Walthers website here (left hand) and here (right hand).

*'Unitrack' is a Registered Trademark of KATO USA


DS52 Dual Stationary Decoder  Return To Top



  • Simple hook up and set up.

  • Control 2 individual turnout machines.
    2 Slow motion turnout machines, such as Tortoise™ by Circuitron or Switchmaster™.


    2 Solenoid type turnout machines such as three wire Peco or Atlas Snap Switches or two wire bi-polar type turnout machines such as Kato Unitrack, AristoCraft, or LGB turnouts with powerful capacitive discharge capability.

  • Turnout addresses can be set individually or in groups of 2.

  • Screw terminals make installation easy!

  • DCC compatible.

  • Screw terminals make installation and set up easy.

  • Control 2 solenoid type turnout machines: 2 wire bi-polar (Kato Unitrack Switches, etc.) and/or 3 wire (Peco, Atlas Snap Switches, etc.)

  • Addresses can be independent or sequential

  • All Scales up to 22V track power.




$24.95 msrp

Click here to view DS52 Instructions

DS54 Quad Stationary Decoder The DS54 has been discontinued and is no longer available. Its replacement in the DS64.
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At first glance the sophistication of the DS54 may be a little intimidating. The DS54 is engineered to give you the basics of stationary decoder control as well as many advanced features that you might not have thought of yet. Never fear, you can use the DS54 as simply a turnout decoder. The factory programmed defaults make the DS54 usable "out of the box" in most systems without the need for any additional programming, configuration or wiring connections. You can use "just as much as you want" of the DS54's basic capabilities, & leave the more advanced features till you find that you need them for a specific task.

The DS54 is a sophisticated input & output device for Digitrax Digital Command Control systems. It can control up to 4 turnout motors (either solenoid or slow motion type) or a combination of other types of stationary lights & devices. It also has 8 inputs, paired in 4 groups, that can trigger "local" DS54 output tasks & also broadcast several types of sensor & status information onto LocoNet, for action by command stations like the DCS100, or a PC connected to LocoNet.

The DS54 has a powerful set of programmable actions that you can customize to generate local tasks without any intervention from Keypads/Throttles, Command Stations or attached computers. The ability of the DS54 to perform "autonomous" local tasks or "animation," gives the DS54 a greater synergy & capability than just a combination of a separate stationary decoder & sensor module. LocoNet gives you all this sophistication with less overall system complexity.

In a large walkaround layout, DS54 inputs are easily configured to allow you to operate local turnouts (and routes) with momentary push-button switches on a local control panel fascia while still allowing remote users & computers to control these same turnouts.

One really exciting example of the power of the DS54 is using just one of the DS54's four outputs you can set up a block occupancy detector with an associated flashing light output for a simple crossing gate detector & signals. In this case, the detection blocks are gapped to signal & "protect" several tracks at a grade crossing. Further, this "crossing gate" task running in 1/4th of the DS54, can also send block occupancy detector messages onto LocoNet for integrating into the Digitrax signaling control system. Since these sensor feedback messages are broadcast on the LocoNet network, they are also available for attached PC's showing CTC type displays.

DS54 Features:
  • 4 Multi-purpose high-current output control pairs controllable by standard DCC accessory decoder signals & local control inputs. Outputs can control:

    1. Push-pull solenoid turnout motors e.g. PECO or Atlas "snap" switches
    2. Slow Motion DC Stall turnout motors e.g. Switch Master & Tortoise type products
    3. Incandescent & LED lights for signals & special effects
    4. Other attached devices such as sound modules & DC motors

  • 8 Multi-purpose sensor inputs can be configured for:
    1. Block occupancy detectors, using Digitrax BD1 detector modules

    2. Local turnout control

    3. Feedback of turnout position, including "out of position" during changes

    4. General LocoNet system input sensors

    5. Local route control

    6. System Power On/Off & Run/Stop inputs

    7. Cascaded route & turnout control

    8. Signaling system control messages

    9. Local animation control, such as automated Indexing Turntable

    10. Multiple aspect control such as automatic Crossing Gate controller

    11. General local control of attached motors, solenoids, lamps, etc.

      • Approximate Size 2.5" x 4" x .75"
      • Includes wires for connecting 4 turnouts.
      • Fully programmable & customizable configurations
      • Configurations are permanently stored in non-volatile memory
      • Supports up to 4,000 individual LocoNet sensors on the system
      • Supports up to 2,000 turnout addresses including turnout feedback
$79.99 msrp

Click here to view DS54 Instructions

SE8C Signal Decoder  Return To Top


Digitrax Plug-n-play Signaling technology was awarded Model Railroader's 2003 Reader's Choice Award.

Introduction to the Digitrax SE8C

The Digitrax Signaling System is organized around the concept of “security elements” which are similar to what U.S. prototype railroads call “plants.” The Digitrax SE8C signal decoder displays aspects for up to 32 heads for 8 individual security elements (plants) using either a LocoNet Throttle or a computer with compatible software. When used with associated occupancy detectors and compatible software, the SE8C can be set up to protect the turnout as shown by the example below. The SE8C decodes switch commands from a throttle or associated software so that the appropriate aspects are displayed on the signal heads.

Each security element is made up of three legs designated A, B, & C. Every piece of track on your layout can be broken down into security elements to describe how each detection section connects to the other sections on your layout.

A to B, A to C, B to A & C to A are the only possible connections, based on turnout position. B to C is not possible.

Occupancy detection is required for any signaling system to function. Occupancy detection inputs can be handled by any LocoNet compatible occupancy detector (Any BDL16 Series Occupancy Detectors or BD1 Occupancy Detectors used with DS54s will work).

Transponding is not needed for the Digitrax Signaling System.

The SE8C sends its output to the signal driver to drive the signal heads. Each SE8C has 8 sets of signal drivers, each capable of driving a set of signal masts. Each set of masts can have up to four heads and each head can have up to four different lamps or a multi-color searchlight. The heads may be on separate single masts, dual masts, or gantries. Each mast has its own signal driver. In practice, each set of signal masts usually corresponds to the track controlled by a single security element.

The SE8C signal decoder and occupancy detector are connected to LocoNet so that all security elements on the layout can communicate with each other as the occupancy of each detection section of track changes. Since the Digitrax Signal System communicates through LocoNet, it does not need DCC to work. The SE8C signal decoders and BDL16 Series occupancy detectors can communicate directly with other LocoNet devices on the layout, they do not need a command station for this communication. This means that they can be used on non LocoNet DCC systems and DC systems where LocoNet is added to support signaling.

The SE8C lets you control signals manually from your Digitrax throttles or automatically through LocoNet compatible computer software such as Railroad & Company, WinLok and others.
$125.00 msrp

SE8C Related Accessories

SMBK Signal Mast Base Kit

SDCK Signal Driver Cable Kit

SMHK Signal Mounting Hardware Kit

TSMK Terminal Strip Mounting Kit

To implement signaling, you’ll need to know how the SE8C works.

Click here for SE8C Manual The basics of how to use your SE8C.

Signaling Glossary A collection of signaling terminology.

SE8C Address Ranges for Signals and Other LocoNet Device.
Includes links to Default Addresses for Board Ids 01-12

SE8C Default Switch Address Range Usage For Board IDs 01-36

SE8C Board ID Default Settings

Click here for SE8C 44-Pin Edge Connector Pin Out

To realize the full feature potential of the SE8C you will need a computer and compatible software.

Links to Software For Controlling Signals:

NOTE: The following are two examples of how to set up signaling using Railroad & Company Version 4.7.

You must have RR & Co. Software installed on your system to run these files.

ABS Example Files for Railroad & Company

CTC Example files for Railroad & Company

To set up prototypical signaling, you’ll need to do some research.

Recommended Reading:

Railroad Signaling by Brian Solomon $34.95 MSRP ISBN 0-7603-1360-1 Available from your favorite hobby shop or from www.motorbooks.com (1-800-826-6600) or www.amazon.com.

All About Signals by John Armstrong. Out of print but if you can get your hands on this, it’s a great reference.

Links to Signaling Web Sites:

These sites are very useful for researching prototype signaling practices. These sites are owned and maintained by third parties. Digitrax, Inc. is not responsible for any content contained in these websites.

Railway Signalling and Operations FAQ by Mark D. Bej
North American Signaling by Carsten S. Lundsten
Austro-Swiss Signaling
European Signaling by Country (In German, some pages available in English)

Unless you are building your own signals, you’ll need to find a supplier.

Links to Sources of Model Signals:

These sites are suppliers of scale model signal hardware. These sites are owned and maintained by third parties. Digitrax, Inc. is not responsible for any content contained in these websites.

  • Brawa Signaling Products-European Prototype Signals

  • Busch Signaling Products-European Prototype Signals

  • Circuitron Slow Motion Turnout Machines and More! Sold in most hobby stores.

  • Details West Detail Parts for Signals

  • NJ International All brass construction, painted and lighted.

  • Oregon Rail Supply Flexible system of signal heads, LEDs, etc. Parts molded in black styrene.

  • Sunrise Enterprises Assembled cast metal signals.

  • Tomar Industries Beautiful prototypical signals individually assembled and painted, lost wax brass castings

  • Walthers Catalog Offers Signaling Products by many different manufacturers all in one place.

  • Viessmann European Prototype Signals.


Advanced SE8C Topics Not Included in the SE8C Manual

Please read and understand the SE8C Manual before attempting these topics.

Position Light Signals:

Pennsylvania RR Permissive Position Signals,

Pennsylvania RR Absolute Position signals,

B & O and N&W RR Color Position Signals.

Semaphore Signals using slow motion turnout machines.

Using 2 Aspect Mode.

Broadcast Address Control Range.

Using SE8C on non-LocoNet DCC layouts.

Using SE8C on non-DCC layouts.

SE8C Semaphore and Broadcast Control Switch Address Ranges

DM-1 DC Motor Adapter  Return To Top

The DM-1 is an inline adapter designed to modify any DS54 output to provide the bi-polar drive current needed to run reversible DC motors, solenoid switches (like Kato & LGB turnouts), lamps and other similar devices that draw up to 1/2 amp.

Just plug the DM-1 into any DS54 output and the DM-1 socket will provide a bipolar drive rated at 500MA continuous and 1 amp surge.

$9.99 msrp

Click here to view DM-1 Instructions

RX4 4-ZoneTransponding Receiver Add-on for BDL Series Detectors  Return To Top


4 ZoneTransponding Receiver Add-on for BDL16 series occupancy detectors.

Use up to two RX4s with a BDL168 to add transponding to any 8 detection sections on your layout.

Use one RX4 with a BDL162 or BDL16 to add transponding to any 4 detection sections on your layout. (Note: BDL16 & BDL162 are discontinued).

$49.95 msrp

Click here to view RX4 manual

Click here to view addendum to RX4 manual for use of 2 RX4s with BDL168.

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